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At Madden Sustainable Forestry, we strive to be the best at what we do. This is why we enjoy sharing customer interactions with you. Below you will find testimonials that have been submitted to us.

Derek and his crew harvested my lot in 2015 along with 5 other lots in the area and I think we were all very satisfied. These guys go above and beyond. They have good equipment and very capable operators.Paul Tucker, Milford
We were very pleased with Derek’s professional approach from start to finish. The work was carried out efficiently, we were kept informed, and the site was left in good shape.S.C., Surry
In accordance with a forest management plan, Madden Sustainable Forestry executed the harvest plan. Their care of our remaining adjoining fields and streams and their careful execution ensured protection of the farm and enhanced the environmental impact on the entire acreage. Job well done!Larry & Deanna Wade, Spring Hill Farm, Bradley
Did a great job. The clean up and chipping was wonderful. Land looks great now. Will have him back.Peter Vogul, Castine
I was very impressed with the work that was done. The men were helpful and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone. If I was to rate them, I would give them an A+. Marlene Libby
I had approximately 90 acres harvested by Madden Sustainable Forestry. They did an excellent job. They worked with me to get the result I was looking for. I would happily recommend Madden Sustainable Forestry to anyone.small wood lot owner
Thank you so much for making our magical trails and beautiful benches.Wells Forest (via Thank You card)
Derek and his crew did a great job!Jane Irving, Castine
Very professional. A fine selective cut. Our 30 acres never looked better. Great for future growth. A hard working, polite crew plus the clean-up was as promised. Fred Gunther, Castine
Madden Sustainable Forestry crew transformed our property into a workable and manageable area that is safe from future storm damage. We now have a new property space to create and plant new trees and plants. Prompt, courteous and professional. Thank you for our peace of mind!Deborah Hamblen, Castine
Our continuing experience with Madden on 950 acres has been nothing less than stellar: a clear explanation of the work to be done; the attitude and work ethic of employees; the absolute transparency as to costs and revenues; and, most important, the quality of the work performed. We feel fortunate to be able to work with Derek.Ruth Anne and Bobby Vagt
Derek’s trail machinery has totally changed my forest trails. I truly enjoy that people can easily walk, springs can now flow to the stream, and I can easily work on my pre-commercial thinning. Thank you Derek!!Pam Wells, Wells Forest
I met Derek Madden in May of 2016 when we walked my land and discussed a harvest. The harvest did not begin until 2018 due to the ground not being frozen. When it did freeze, they began the harvest and did a splended job. I was and am very pleased with my experience with Derek and his team.E.S.B., Castine
I spoke with one of your employees at the “Big Apple” store in Orland. I am very impressed at how well he spoke. Thanked him for the conduct of your crews in Penobscot. Our town has had other crews working who did much less work on much smaller tracts, and create a lot more difficulty for those of us who lived nearby. Nice work on the North Penobscot Road site. Red (my husband) and I both trained at Acadia National Park with their fire suppresssion crews, and the tracts you are working were some of those we were concerned that it would be hard to defend. Trees unharvested for long periods, trees and other vegetation very close together…your crew chief there has a good sense of the land they are working and has left the place better than it was. Penobscot resident and land owner
We appreciate the fine work Derek and his crew spent logging our 150 acre lot. We found him easy to communicate with, which came in handy with our neighbors, as we were not on site during the harvest, and Derek went above and beyond to make our neighbors happy. He was accessible to them, communicating how the operation was being handled, and even gave the neighbor closes to the noise a gift card for coffee – so appreciated, Derek. Thank you! We have already given Derek’s contact info to my cousin in Castine…Blue Hill
Madden Sustainable Forestry did a great job on our woodlot. Courteous, on time and professional. Highly recommended. Left no damage or mess. Thank you.Anonymous
A pleasure to work with. Derek did what he said he would do on time and very efficiently. Professional quality work that is rarely seen these days. Great experience!!!Brandon Gray, Sedgwick
Thanks for the great job mulching. Wade is a great asset for you.Greg
I am very pleased at the work done by Derek and his men. They were considerate, courteous and professional. My 25 acres will now thrive and I made money too!Elaine Gerard Climo, Penobscot
Hey Derek. Just wanted to thank you for all you did. You guys did an awesome job. You have a great crew and we did get the check. It’s perfect, love it and thank you again.Gorden Moffitt, Bradley